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Praise for the Second Edition of Gender, Branding, and the Modern Music Industry

“A riveting and vital expose of the transformation of female artists into pop stars and brands. With expert research, dramatic examples, and powerful writing, Kristin Lieb pulls back the curtain of the music industry and reveals the damage done to all women by the exploitation and objectification of a few.”

Jean Kilbourne, Senior Scholar, Wellesley Center for Women, and creator of the film series Killing Us Softly

“In this superbly written and incisively argued second edition, Kristin Lieb draws with authority on concepts, frameworks, and theories from marketing, communications, sociology, and social psychology, and brings them into active conversation with important works from feminist, gender, queer, celebrity, and popular culture studies. Informed by scholarship, interviews with industry insiders, and Lieb’s own experiences working in the music industry, this book will be a winning text in all of these disciplines because there is something for everyone in this most accomplished, energetic, and thoughtfully constructed interdisciplinary work.”

Jane Caputi, Professor, Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Communication & Media, Florida Atlantic University

“In 2013, Gender, Branding, and the Modern Music Industry immersed us in a pop music Slough of Despond, a place populated by branders, packagers, and synergists who exploit talented female musicians by swaddling them in the industrial norms of gender and sexuality in the pursuit of profit. A lot has happened since then, and Kristin Lieb describes it in this new edition with her usual scholarly sophistication and unpretentious readability. This remains the most complete and insightful treatment of the subject.”

Robert Thompson, Syracuse University, Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture, Director


Praise for the First Edition of Gender, Branding, and the Modern Music Industry

“A lucid and energetic writer, skillful in synthesizing theory with interviews, Lieb delivers an acute study on the development of female pop stars. The book will resonate with both scholars and students.”

Dr. Thomas M. Kitts, Professor of English and Speech, St. John’s University, reviewing for Rock Music Studies

“Kristin Lieb utilizes a well-known industry to shed light on the intersection of gender studies, sociology, mass communication, and marketing…The book comes highly recommended not only as an introductory text for undergraduate courses, but for anyone interested in the branding of female artists in the music industry.”

Contemporary Sociology

Gender, Branding, and the Modern Music Industry offers timely, relevant means for students to engage with issues of gender, sexualization, exploitation and more. Lieb successfully juxtaposes lyrics and imagery with theoretical concepts from branding, mass communications, and sociology, all while tracing the lifecycle of female pop stars. Replete with good girls, temptresses, and whores, this book will resonate with students.”

Carol M. Liebler, Communication, Syracuse University

“I heartily recommend this lucid, intelligent and excellent study and welcome it as a valuable theoretical and research model, and as a work that will greatly enhance mine and others’ communication of these ideas in both the graduate and undergraduate classroom.”

Jane Caputi, Professor at Florida Atlantic University

“Mixing insightful marketing communication and astute cultural analysis, Kristin Lieb’s tracing out of the lifecycle of female artists within the contemporary music industry will be of much interest to fans and scholars alike. Using interviews with industry insiders, the book reveals the careful work and positioning that lies behind the creation of the public persona of the female musician—and how negotiating culturally dominant notions of sexuality is key to understanding who gets to have a marketplace presence, and thus, literally, a voice in our cultural lives. Theoretically sophisticated and readable, this is a fine work of synthesis and originality.”

Sut Jhally, Communication, University of Massachusetts and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation

“Back in the 1960s, earnest musicians used to refer to “selling out” as the process by which artists might achieve stardom if they turned over their creative autonomy to marketers, packagers, and powerful people in suits. This now seems charmingly quaint compared to the startling story Kristin Lieb tells about the manufacturing of female pop stars since the debut of MTV in 1981. Candid interviews with professional star-makers and a dazzling array of scholarly methodologies make this a revealing and highly disturbing look at an important chunk of the American culture industry.”

Robert J. Thompson, Popular Culture, Syracuse University and Director, Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture

Gender, Branding, and The Modern Music Industry is the first text to demonstrate the impact of branding and packaging on the career trajectories and possibilities for female pop artists. I can’t wait to bring Kristin Lieb’s industry experience, insider access, lucid analysis, and well-chosen examples into my classes on gender and popular music.”

Norma Coates, Music and Information & Media Studies, University of Western Ontario

“Kristin Lieb‘s new book Gender, Branding, and the Modern Music Industry is a groundbreaking analysis of the music industry and the challenges female artists confront in developing career longevity. Lieb masterfully describes the inner workings of the modern music industry and expertly weaves together social science and business marketing, providing important information that will engross music fans, academics, and business marketers alike. Gender, Branding, and the Modern Music Industry is a ‘must-read’ for anybody interested in the entertainment industry.”

John A. Davis, Marketing, University of Oregon

“The integration of marketing theory and communication theory is a significant contribution that will benefit students in both fields. Lieb’s approach results in a text useful for courses in a range of departments, whether it is communication, business, or gender studies. Although not specifically mentioned, an additional audience for this text may be principles of advertising classes. This book will challenge some of the assumptions that may guide such curriculum, but nevertheless are important for students to consider as they prepare to enter the advertising profession.”

Barbara A. Pickering, University of Nebraska at Omaha